Mobility tracker for vehicles of all kinds

Track the movements, routes, and behavior of vehicles, machines, or mobile devices

GPSwhere is a versatile mobility tracker for use in vehicles and machines of all kinds – both commercial and private. Developed in Germany, with this GPS tracker you know where your vehicles are located at all times. When installed in commercial vehicles, you can reliably record usage data and machine activities while at the same time ensuring maximum control and legally compliant proof of the services you provide.

But GPSwhere is also ideal for theft protection: Commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, or even valuable vintage cars and motorcycles can no longer become lost – GPSwhere guarantees a 99.9% return rate.

In addition, many insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance premium if you use a GPS tracker. Just ask your insurance agent.

Continuously track vehicle routes
Record all your machines’ activities
Protects vehicles and machinery from theft
Can be retrofitted easily and individually anywhere
Legally compliant proof of tasks completed
Mobile app and digital data export for complete control
Track and record key operating data

As a permanently installed smart device, the GPSwhere tracker not only makes it possible to locate and track machines, but also to obtain detailed driving statistics on tasks completed, such as tracking the amount of grit applied in winter maintenance work or the spreading of seed or fertilizer in agriculture.

These data can also be enriched by the driver with other helpful information, such as the type of material being spread. An informative heat map in the computer software or the mobile app for Android or Apple devices illustrates how much of it and how widely it was spread during a given route.

Feature soon available: Detailed route specification with symbol pins for completing complex tasks – app users can easily add photos to document their performance.

Communicate directly with control units

Active and inactive movements can be tracked, depending on whether the GPSwhere tracker is installed before or after the device is switched on. Using a built-in CAN module, the IoT solution can also communicate directly with the control systems of machines, such as salt spreaders and snow blades on municipal vehicles or special-purpose machines in agriculture.

“This feature is already available for our own salt spreader brand ‘Storm Spreader’ – an essential tool for us to track and evaluate the activities of our machines in a targeted manner,” explains Ronald Heider, who sells GPSwhere across Europe and in the USA via Smart Choice Trading.

Versatile deployment in countless industries

In addition to its standard installation in municipal vehicles, the smart device is also a universal retrofit solution for a wide range of other vehicles: Winter maintenance machines are not the only devices where this solution comes in useful. Whether tractors, lawnmowers, sweepers, construction vehicles, or forklift trucks – there is a long list of mobile equipment in everyday use that can also benefit from a detailed activity analysis.

The GPS tracker also offers secure protection from theft and immediately sends an alarm signal if the vehicle is moved without authorization.

Smart Choice Trading – your experienced partner for installation and maintenance

The Augsburg-based company Smart Choice Trading GmbH has specialized in winter maintenance machines for over 30 years and is now entering the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) with GPSwhere. The GPSwhere retrofit solution is available on both the European and the American markets.

SCT’s main business is the sale of snow plows, salt spreaders of its own brand ‘Storm Spreader’ and other winter maintenance accessories in Europe and the USA – current product lines are already equipped with the GPSwhere tracking solution.

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